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land, war and civilization

For those of us that thought that fights over meaningless scraps of land are a thing of the past, here's something to bring us down to earth: Tension grows between Spain and Morocco over tiny island.

This is not an isolated incident. Border (or outright land ownership) disputes are at the core of most of current or recent conflicts/disputes, sometimes mixed with religious conflict, including Kashmir (disputed by India and Pakistan), areas of the West Bank (Israelis and Palestinians), Cyprus (Greece and Turkey), areas of the Andes (Ecuador and Peru, and Argentina and Chile), The conflict in the Balkans (with everybody from NATO to Russia to locals involved in its latest incarnation in 1998, and the dubious honor of being the most recognizable "trigger" of World War One), and the list can go on...

One would think we should have reached some level of stability in borders, at least in 'first world' countries... and that the Internet's promise of "dissolving borders" would come to fruition at least in part. We are still very much a bunch of warring primates...

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Posted by diego on July 17 2002 at 12:30 PM

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