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american mujahedin

Interesting pair of Salon articles on Aukai Collins, who converted to Islam and fought in Chechnya, Kashmir, and other places during the 90s.

The first article talks about his book, 'My Jihad' where he describes his experiences, and the < a href="">second article is an interview with him.

For some reason reading about this leaves me with a strange feeling... and from what we can see from the interview, the guy's views seems to be pretty balanced, specially considering his history.

But... wait a minute... I'm confused... this guy is American... which is "good" but a muhajedin... which is "evil"... and fought in Chechnya, and Kashmir... which is "evil"... and then worked for the FBI and the CIA...which is "good"... so what is he? "goovil"? "eood?" "e) none of the above?" George W., help me out here! I need your flair to stomp the "malfeance" out of this world that resists definition!!

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Posted by diego on July 17 2002 at 10:48 PM

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