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on economic "belief systems"

Consider Capitalism: With a totally free market, we would naturally gravitate towards monopolies... which then negate the ability of free markets to function... but then Capitalism's "endgame" and how it affects its progress is never much of a discussion-item, since Governments usually step up and provide regulation and sometimes financial relief for Capitalism's excesses, therefore hiding its flaws in part.

Socialism (and communism!) didn't work quite right either... and let's not even talk about Fascism and the like...

So isn't it time for something truly new to appear? Economics is a completely man-made concept... and as such it should be very malleable, and yet Physics, which is supposed to reflect the laws of nature rather than the ideas of man, has changed much more in the last hundred years than economics has... too many vested interests, probably...

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Posted by diego on July 18 2002 at 9:50 PM

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