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ayn rand

I keep coming back to the idea of corporate greed and where it comes from. I read Ayn Rand's For the new intellectual a few years ago, along with parts of The Fountainhead. The books are full of interesting concepts, but while at the time I thought I agreed with most of them, I find that's not true anymore. Rand's absolutist philosophy of complete self-reliance and its subsequent emphasis on greed (endorsed by some prominent people such as Alan Greenspan) might be good for the individual, but it's definitely not good for society.

Greed, in Rand's terms, was in a sense the essence of society's path to advancement. In retrospect, her thinking seems to entail a pretty childish and naive view of the world. Self-reliance and personal responsibility are good, but they can't be everything, not when society by nature forces us to depend on others. I guess it's simply a problem that absolutism never works, no matter in which direction you take it.

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Posted by diego on July 19 2002 at 9:50 AM

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