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terrorism in argentina

An article in today's New York times connects Iran with the bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires eight years ago. The participation of Iran had always been suspected, but there were several "problems" in the investigation: proof vanishing, people disappearing... now the testimony of an Iranian defector that says that's because Iran had paid $10,000,000 to the argentinian government at that time has resurfaced. Not surprising at all. Menem's government was involved more in dirty businesses than in actually running the government.

It seems that part of the information was leaked to the New York Times from Argentina, since people there are terribly frustrated that the government still maintains the cover-up. It will be interesting to see how this develops, in light of the US's "war on terror", since Menem is now preparing to run for president again (even though he is despised by most argentinians) and he has often presented as an advantage his close ties with the Bush family (particularly with Bush Sr.) Will the Bush family finally cut off their ties given that Menem would now appear to be a "sponsor" of terrorism?

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Posted by diego on July 22 2002 at 1:30 PM

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