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why work

This morning I was reading yet more news about the brouhaha over the bubble collapse, the fall of share prices, and how they are affecting "normal" people (i.e. not bazillionaires or CEOs).

I was wondering exactly what all the fuss was about, since the main discussion centered around money (less money, more money, etc.) and therefore simply the power to buy or not buy that yacht that they wanted (since it's not as if the fall in mutual funds is going to affect the people that make $7.95/hr at McDonald's).

If the discussion is about money, it all goes back to the idea of people doing things they don't like so they can buy stuff they don't need. Yachts are nice, but not necessarily a survival item.

Then I thought, what does this say about work itself?

And I suddenly remembered a scene from the Simpsons, when Homer became smart (his IQ shot up to 105), and he sent a report on safety at the nuclear plant to the NRC, which resulted in the plant being closed and everybody fired until the place could be brought up to code. After Mr. Burns announces the layoffs, the following conversation happens:

Lenny (at Homer): Thanks a lot, Brainiac. You cost us our jobs. Which we need for working.

Carl: Yeah, not to mention driving to.

Enough said.

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Posted by diego on July 23 2002 at 5:06 PM

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