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news bombardment

The things that happen everyday on this world are beyond belief. At times I feel as if somebody had splashed sulfuric acid on my soul and the liquid was slowly corroding it, yet my reaction to that is not just pain, but pain mixed with preternatural amazement, a twisted kind of understanding and acceptance based on detached subjectivity.

So many things these days deal with a single news item, such as terrorists, or their possible attacks, or the US, or its attacks, or corporate corruption and how it affects government, and the subsequent corporate collapses, and the "aftermath" --what's MATH got to do with any of this is beyond me-- of any of those things... They are doing a really good job of desensitizing me, even though I don't watch much TV so my exposure is orders of magnitude less than for many people, who are bombarded every day, sometimes looking for something that will help them understand what's going on and finding mostly empty ideology instead of true opinion or analysis.

And on it goes. A crash today, a bubble tomorrow. Will we ever go beyond wars and money? We should at least take a break and build a few pyramids, like the Egyptians did. Maybe they did it to get out of a recession, some kind of public-works project? Was the pharaoh a slave to the stockmarket too, reading newspapers chiseled every day in the rocks around him? And maybe, just maybe, that's were the "wall" in Wall Street Journal comes from, (instead of, say, some reference to a street in lower Manhattan).

History repeats itself.

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Posted by diego on July 24 2002 at 6:36 PM

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