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air density

Today the atmosphere is heavy and damp and the sky is bright-gray. At least the wind downriver gives some relief.

Yesterday was a big day in the stock markets and in politics at once: (some) politicians claimed victory as some big-name executives were arrested (Adelphia's CEO and his sons), a lot of people lost and made money. The Dow ended up 488 points, 6.4%. Today (predictably, and continuing a trend that has been growing for the past few days) newspapers are filled with stories about how this is exactly what happened in '29. I wonder what "the average person" really thinks about this. The "average person". What an oxymoron.

The summer is only mid-way, and I feel it's been here forever. Not in a bad way... the days just seem to stretch endlessly into the past and into the future, a continuum. A sign of balance, or imbalance?

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Posted by diego on July 25 2002 at 12:07 PM

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