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Mulholland Dr.

Yesterday I watched Mulholland Drive, which, apart from being an excellent, excellent movie, is a good example of what I was mentioning before about structure in art.

In Mulholland Dr., however, Lynch uses our expectation for structure in reverse. We go into the film with a certain idea of how things should happen in a movie, and when they don't turn out that way we are confused. Then it's a great experience to unravel the puzzle, only to see that it wasn't a puzzle at all. The puzzle was in our own views of how the story should have been told (or how we are used to being told stories, specially through movies).

The other notable thing about Mulholland Dr. is how good it is cinematically: It's one of those movies that is a movie, and would never work well as, say, a novel, as much as Ulysses is a book. When an artform is being used to its limits, it stands on its own and it can't be replaced.

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Posted by diego on July 26 2002 at 10:25 AM

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