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government oversight

An opinion piece in today's New Tork Times sports a strange mix. It has a good idea at the core (regulatory oversight is necessary) but a lot of its argument is supported in statements that are either incorrect, or simply idiotic. For example:

How often do you hear about [corruption, bribery, etc] being exposed in Mexico or Argentina, Russia or China?

The article confuses "hearing about" with "prosecuting." In Argentina, for example, it is generally known who did what. They are not prosecuted, and that's the main difference with the US. Notably, it was the US who only a few months ago forced Argentina (through the IMF) to strike down a law that allowed it to prosecute bankers, corporate officers and financial managers for mismanagement as a condition of giving loans that the country still hasn't received. In the meantime, the US has passed its own law, targeting... the same group of people. Hardly what the piece says:
America's moral authority to lead the world derives from the decency of our government and its bureaucrats, and the example we set for others.
Yeah, right.

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Posted by diego on July 29 2002 at 1:05 AM

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