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the US and iraq

Scott Rosenberg referenced a discussion that has been recently going on regarding the reasons for the interest of the US in creating "regime change" in Iraq. They are discussing mainly whether the reason for an invasion is simply to humiliate Islamism.

I think it has nothing to do with Islamism, or humilliation, or anything like that. There are four main reasons why the US cares about Iraq:

  • Oil.
  • Oil.
  • Oil.
  • Security (which concerns middle east stability which in turn, coincidentally, then affects Oil) rather

Yes, this statement is rather simplistic, but the question is what is the main reason. You don't go to war over an idea. You go to war over territory, or money, or goods, or oppression, or all of the above. Iraq controls one of the biggest Oil reservoirs in the world after Saudi Arabia. Now, if the US had a friendly (i.e., puppet) government in Iraq, they could ignore Saudi Arabia and maybe even stop treating them with kid's gloves, something they are forced to do now.

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Posted by diego on August 7 2002 at 3:30 PM

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