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the madness of war

We'd all heard about the man in the Highlands who was "building his own gook," parts were the least of his troubles. In Chu Lai some marines pointed a man out to me and sweore to God they'd seen him bayonet a wounded NVA and then lick the bayonet clean. There was a famous story, some reporters asked a door gunner, "How can you shoot women and children?" and he'd answered, "It's easy, you just don't lead them so much." Well, they said you needed a sense of humor, there you go, even the VC had one. Once after an ambush that killed a lot of Americans, they covered the field with copies of a photograph that showed one more young dead American, with the punch line mimeographed on the back, "Your X-rays have just come back from the lab and we think we know what your problem is."

on the Vietnam War, from Dispatches by Michael Herr.

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Posted by diego on August 12 2002 at 8:43 PM

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