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war PR management

Via Scott Rosenberg: a story on the NY Times about how the whole "we're looking at all the options" thing of the Bush administration has been managing the PR side of it rather than actually 'thinking' anything:

"From a marketing point of view," said Andrew H. Card Jr., the White House chief of staff who is coordinating the effort, "you don't introduce new products in August."

The "product" here, mind you, is war. How can you have people talking about "selling" something like a war, and getting away with it?

And Scott's comment is right on target. If it's so urgent, how come they can wait until "the product" can be "introduced"? And wait around for the President to have a nice vacation?

Hearing Cheney speak two weeks ago something gave me the impression they might even launch an attack or at least try to escalate the conflict before the elections in November. Yes: October. Just a thought. But think about it: they might even ride the surge of "patriotism" post Sept. 11 anniversary. It would be on the one-year anniversary of the attack of Afghanistan. They would probably get a boost in the polls, could get them the House and maybe the Senate. And in their view, they would be doing it before the difficult part of the Winter comes. Hey, they might even be thinking they could even be back home for Christmas.

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Posted by diego on September 9 2002 at 12:17 AM

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