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the joy of MAME

Tired of the 150 million bump-mapped polygons per second of your PS2 or Xbox? Don't want to look anymore at those 1024x768 video-like images on 32 bit color? Nostalgic for a bit of Donkey Kong, 1942, or (gulp!) Galaga?

1942.pngThen MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, pronounced 'Maim' in English) is for you! :-) MAME simulates the hardware environment of old arcade machines on a PC.

I used MAME a few years ago to play classics such as Zaxxon and Space Invaders. At the time, it was a bit flaky. Over time (as it happens) I simply forgot about it. For whatever reason I remembered it today. It's improved a lot. Here is the download page, but you'll actually need to do a little digging to get actual game ROMs to play--For whatever reason the copyright holders of the original arcade games have been chasing down these ROMs online, even though no one can play the games anywhere anymore, and they have been pushed underground. A lot of it can be found in various USENET newsgroups. Worth a bit of searching, if only for 'educational purposes.'

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Posted by diego on February 28 2003 at 12:45 AM

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