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the rise of inktomi

Over the past two weeks or so, Inktomi slurp, the Inktomi spider, has massively increased its activity. Over a few days, it quickly outstripped the activity of Googlebot in my server, while only a few weeks ago Googlebot was indexing the site about 10 times more often than the nearest competitor (which was, as it happens, Inktomi), now Inktomi is indexing with twice the frequency of Googlebot on average--only for today, for example, my stats page reports 318 hits from Inktomi slurp while Googlebot has no hits at all.

It seems that Yahoo! is gearing up for a fight with you-know-who... (not entirely unexpected, althought there are some doubts).

Has anyone else seen this? Or is it just a stats-induced hallucination?

Categories: technology
Posted by diego on March 1 2003 at 12:48 PM

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