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Microsoft's P2P Breaks Windows

In a comment to my earlier post on JXTA, RefuX had said that his experience with JXTA had been very negative. Mine weren't very good for the initial releases as well, but it's gotten better.

Part of the problem, IMO, is that, P2P APIs being new, we haven't yet quite figured out what works and what doesn't. Regardless of the API, what's cool about JXTA is its API-, Platform- and Language-independent protocol, based on XML. It has improved a lot over the past two years. I don't want to sound like an apologist, JXTA still has a ways to go, but when something new is being done problems are to be expected.

Microsoft, that recently announced some P2P apps and protocols, has had a few problems of its own:

With this week's unveiling of threedegrees for MSN Messenger and the Windows XP Peer-to-Peer Update, users got a taste of Microsoft's plans in the P2P space. But the experience quickly turned sour for many who were left with broken Internet connectivity or an inability to reach certain Web sites including those of AOL and retailer

A bit more serious than I'd expect though... after all, P2P should be a layer on top of all the other standard services of the OS, right? And this isn't even a toolkit, it's an application that should not affect other apps in the system. I guess that this the bad side of Microsoft's taste for "ultra integration" of everything into the Windows core.

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Posted by diego on March 5 2003 at 5:13 PM

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