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I was reading Bernie's and Cristian's comments to my "mood-post" from yesterday and started to think about my own feelings with regards to the song. It's not personal for me in the sense of being linked to a person or place, but it evokes something...

Then I thought (for the millionth time): It's cool that we share this collective consciousness through art and the technology that made possible its seamless transfer. Before email, the Internet, and all the latest buzzwords, the "global village" had truly arrived without anybody noticing. Sure, we had the connection probably since humans "climbed down the trees" (the quotes because, catchy phrase as that might be, there aren't many trees in the African plains) and started to talk, but before the connection was faint, unseen. And I'd submit that when the connection becomes visible, the nature of the connection changes.

Anyway, nothing new in what I'm saying. Just thinking out loud. And still listening to the song. :-)

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Posted by diego on March 7 2003 at 7:58 PM

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