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deep fog

So suddenly I notice, out of the corner of my eye... a glow. Faint. I turn my head, and instead of seeing the train station across the river, or the night sky above it, there's just... white. Well, light gray actually.

Fog. The desnsest fog I've seen in my life, or that I remember seeing at least. Imagine: Heuston station across the river has lights on all night. Big, powerful floodlights. I can't see them. There's only faint traces of them if you know where to look, but that's about it. Probably about 150 meters out east there's a set of even more powerful floodlights that I think are currently used for some construction that's going on at the station. There are stadium-kind lights, they are that intense. They are on a pole maybe 20 meters above the ground. I can only see them as a spot of brightness behind the mass of uniform color, but their light refracts through the fog and turns everything around them into a color close to that a really cloudy day.

On top of that I'm listening to the Bladerunner soundtrack, and the atmosphere in my room, with the glow of the LCD and a single desklight, fog outside, and the music, is just ... surreal. I can almost see those huge buildings towering into the smog above Los Angeles in 2019, the hovercars cruising quietly in the distance.

Deckard might just be around the corner.

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Posted by diego on March 18 2003 at 12:29 AM

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