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new machine

Busy day today. Got a new machine (weee!) so now I can run Eclipse or even IDEA 3.0 without having to stare at the hourglass for what seems like weeks before anything happens (I know, I've got a talent for exaggeration), or VMWare to test spaces with different versions of Windows or Linux. But first, of course, I've got to install Eclipse, or IDEA, or everything else for that matter.

So I've spent the last few hours installing software, downloading some small programs through my modem connection (painful excercise) and trying to get my old machine connected to this one. I tried crossover Ethernet, but for some reason the connection kept doing weird things. I tried serial connection but came to the conclusion the wires weren't inverted. So I fired up a Linksys Wireless Access Point that I brought here from the US, connected the desktop through Ethernet to the WAP and the notebook through 802.11. Finally! Now everything seems to work, although some files refuse to be copied for some reason. I wish Windows Networking behaved less randomly.

So now a long night ahead, installation after installation and testing different things. Not a lot of fun, but at least now IDEA loads in about 5 seconds, and Eclipse almost instantly. How forgotten how that felt. (Relieving!). Also, now that the development environment installation is almost complete I'll be able to continue working while the rest of the stuff is copied/installed in the background.

More later on my install/migration adventure.

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Posted by diego on March 25 2003 at 11:23 PM

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