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wristphone.jpgNTT Docomo has shown a preview of a wristwatch phone:

The "Wristomo" PHS handset, which is designed to transfer data at speeds of up to 64 Kbit/sec, is compatible with the "PALDIO E-mail" service, which enables users to connect send/receive e-mails up to 6,000 alphanumeric characters over the Internet without having to sign up for a provider.
I've heard of several "intelliwatches" over the past 2-3 years, that is, watches that provide PDA-like capabilities, but I think I never heard a cellphone provider talking about it, much less including support for high-speed data connections. With the push towards video adding a camera and video playback would be expected as soon as the obvious battery (and in less measure, display) issues are solved. The hardware user interface for the phone seems appropriately sparse, since there really isn't much real estate, but I wonder how that affects navigation in the software UI. It seems that it has sync-capabilities with outlook, but no bluetooth! You have to sync over the internet or through a cable (!?!). Poohey. dt.jpg

And another thing: once the phone is in your watch, it's unlikely you'll ever leave it (or easily ignore it when it's ringing), so there better be a simple way (ie., one-click) to turn the phone functionality off or at least switch it to silent mode. Sometimes we forget that the "off" switch is one of the most important elements of any technology. :-)

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Posted by diego on March 29 2003 at 6:18 PM

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