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spring nighttime bliss

It's one of those nights... cool outside, the train station across the river relatively quiet. A soft breeze comes in through the window. I'm working (slightly) and listening to Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (I don't really have to say performed by who, do I?) and the music seems to be written for this moment. The music, not the lyrics, mind you. Okay, maybe part of the lyrics...

Faraway, so close Up with the static and the radio With satellite television we can go anywhere Miami, New Orleans London, Belfast and Berlin

And if you listen
I can call
And if you jump
You just might fall
And if you shout
I don't believe you

If I could stay... then the night would give you up

Three o'clock
in the morning
It's quiet
and there's no one around
Just a bang
and a clatter
as an angel runs to ground

Just the band and the clatter
as an angel
hits the ground

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Posted by diego on April 5 2003 at 8:07 PM

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