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the beta is approaching

A short update on spaces: the beta is coming along well. One (further) reason for a delay is (aside from work unrelated to it that's going on as the term in Trinity finishes, and other things) is that I've been rewriting large portions of the JavaMail API. This is slightly nuts, I wish it didn't have to be done, but to support things like S/MIME mail there's little choice, since Sun doesn't have any support for that (not that S/MIME will be supported in the beta, but it should be supported eventually). Also, sharing through email (transparent store-and-forward sharing) requires a good grasp over the underlying message parsing and code/decode. Finally, performance can also be tuned better.

So that's going really well. More news soon.

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Posted by diego on April 11 2003 at 4:36 PM

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