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I'll take that with some reverse engineering on the side

So I'm coding away, to the tune of U2, INXS, and Jerry Lee Lewis, as the pre-beta release of spaces is approaching fast.

I've spent the past couple of days redoing a lot of configuration infrastructure, trying to make it easier to configure mail accounts and so on, which are now Synchronization devices. To take breaks from the grueling UI work (adjusting locations or spacing by a few pixels to make things look good is never a lot of fun), I've been reverse engineering the HTTP access protocol of a certain web-based mail application <wink>, not just to include support for it in spaces, but also because it is useful to better understand different usage models for the internal synchronization abstractions that I'm using. WebDAV is used for some of the query mechanisms, so I've been looking at that. And for the reverse-engineering, I've found useful to fire up Network Probe. I've had to go through some hoops to do it, since I don't have DSL, and so my internet connection is modem-based... and Network Probe latches onto Ethernet or Firewire devices only. So I'm routing internet access through a wireless hub, dialing on the notebook, and using it as NAT router. Twisted, but it works.

In the process I discovered that this web-mail app is violating some parts of RFC 2109 (for cookies) among other things. Good thing I'm ignoring the cookies, or I'd have to find ways around that too.

Guess whose app it is. :-)

And, btw, yes, I can download messages now from this "certain web-mail app", although the ability to do so will remain limited until there is more time, after the pre-beta is out. Right now it can get messages from the Inbox, and the performance is not optimal. But it works!

Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

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Posted by diego on April 20 2003 at 7:59 PM

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