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Mosaic turns 10

Tomorrow, April 22nd, is the tenth anniversary of the first release of Mosaic. has been running a series of articles to commemorate the event. Good reading, but it omits one glaring fact: that the browser existed before mosaic was released.

Mosaic had one big advantage over the others: it was able to inline images with the text (yes, that was one of the big Mosaic innovations). Other UI elements where also first built into, or refined, in Mosaic. It wasn't the first browser, but it was probably the first one that was usable.

Ah, the memories. I remember the first website I ever did, an intranet for the company I was working for. God it was ugly. And HTML didn't even have tables. Tables!! Windows 95 didn't come with a TCP/IP stack at first, you had to install it yourself... And downloading the first public beta release of Navigator (version 0.9 was it?)... and everyone just switched to it since it seemed like a nicer version of Mosaic.

This is sort of a cliche by now, but... to think that ten years ago the web (as such) didn't really exist: only the technologies that made it possible did. Windows 95 was the greatest thing in the tech horizon. Netscape was a word no one had heard of. And Java was a kind of coffee, or an island of Indonesia, depending on who you asked. When I woke up in the morning, I didn't think of checking my email, and if I wanted to get news, I had to get the newspaper, turn on the radio, or wait for the TV to give them, that is, unless you had CNN (which back then had just emerged as a news powerhouse, after the first Gulf War).

I mean: wait for the news!. What a concept.

Happy birthday, Mosaic!

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Posted by diego on April 21 2003 at 1:52 PM

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