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a brush of slashdot

I have slept about 2 hours in the last 36, but the pre-beta release of spaces is almost done. In the meantime, I've been so consumed by it that I mostly stopped checking news, stats, technorati and everything else. And lo and behold, what happened? Yesterday there was, predictably, a thread on the Chandler 0.1 release, and two people made comments pointing to spaces (here and here) with the (also predictable) jump in downloads. It took a while to find (I first knew about it because of an email) because the first comment, which appears close to the beginning and so would generate the most hits, has the URL for dynamicobjects but not a link, so it wasn't showing up on the referrers list. To the people who posted the comments, thanks! :-)

Btw, the first comment on Chandler on the slashdot thread is funny. It reads:

already emulating Outlook well

Since I just managed to crash it.

No virus propagation yet though, it is only 0.1 I suppose.

The perils of native code... not that Java will never ever crash, it just won't be a common occurrence and would normally result from a bug in the JVM.

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Posted by diego on April 23 2003 at 4:32 PM

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