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I've just released the beta of spaces, under its new name: clevercactus.

Lots of progress on the company side of things (more news soon). Clevercactus will be the company name, but the product name is still tentative, as is the logo--they're both in "beta" as well.

cactus is the cat's name, and the company's mascot. :-)

I released the beta internally to the spaces-dev list only, to allow for a few more days of testing, as well as polishing some details while starting to get feedback on it. The version will be released publicly next week. New features/Improvements include a streamlined UI with better navigation, more powerful filtering, optimized memory usage, speed, import speed and new implementation of the network protocols, among many others, and even a surprise new feature: Hotmail synchronization!.

If you want to download the beta to check it out, you can join the dev list, or and I will reply with download instructions. Offline for a while now! Over the past couple of days I've accumulated a few things I wanted to comment on, but I simply didn't have time. All of that (and some clevercactus beta screenshots as well!) later today. Categories: clevercactus
Posted by diego on April 25 2003 at 9:38 AM

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