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configuring courier imap: bring on the valium

You think I'm exaggerating eh?

Yeah, well, maybe. :-)

Then again, what to expect from software that, in the source distribution, comes with a file called "00.README.NOW.OR.SUFFER"???


I ended up getting an RPM package of it, for Red Hat Linux 7.2 (Mandrake). I created a new VM copy (for VMWare) and uninstalled UW IMAP from it, then installed courier.

It took me about an hour to discover that I had to create a ~user/Maildir directory using "maildirmake". Anyway, now it's configured and it appears that I can reproduce the IMAP problem that's been showing up with clevercactus in John Rubier's, and possibly also James Murphy's installation (James' problem could be different though, he uses an e-smith box, and as far as I can see that comes built it with UW IMAP--which I've tested against successfully. We'll see).

Anyway, now I can actually begin testing and finally fix this problem.

And I'll say again: VMWare rocks. :)

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Posted by diego on April 29 2003 at 12:02 PM

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