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anonymous blogging

This is interesting: Invisiblog.

" lets you publish a weblog using GPG and the Mixmaster anonymous remailer network. You don't ever have to reveal your identity - not even to us. You don't have to trust us, because we'll never know who you are."
As far as anonymity goes, this is probably the furthest you can go (okay, if, as they mention in the site, you were using Freenet then it would be really, really difficult to trace the origin of a packet, let alone of a post.

That said, I have also been thinking about PKI in the context of blogging, and what it could do in terms of allowing or disallowing comments or even referrers that are not from sources that authenticate themselves properly. A few months ago there was a surge of blog-spam, both on comments and on referrers (I got hit by a few of both), but it has subsided. If it reemerges, we might have to find a way to deal with it, just as with email, and 'signed' posts, or 'signed links' might be one part of the solution.

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Posted by diego on May 2 2003 at 4:10 PM

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