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beta update

a new beta (rev5) of clevercactus was released yesterday to the list, and so far it seems that the IMAP problems have been solved, with lots of help in in getting debug traces from the people in the mailing list. Also, I now have 5 different IMAP servers installed in my machine for testing. There are a couple of new problems, but they are not easy to reproduce; I'm working on them. However, since the core code for communications now is approaching stability, I have begun finalizing code that has been around for a while, but never properly integrated: code for synchronization. First in line is XML-RPC Weblog sync. I've been looking at what has changed on blogging software APIs since I last took a look at them in December/January (summary: not much). I've been writing up a review of how they compare, and will probably post it tomorrow. That aside, I'm also advancing on Palm and Symbian (SyncML) synchronization-- freshening my knowledge on both, looking for new development tools that might have appeared and so on. I had downloaded and installed the Palm Conduit Development Kit in my other machine but now I can't find the install binary--so I have to download it again. I was kind of hoping that I'd have DSL by now, but Eircom has outdone itself again--3 weeks and counting. We'll see if it comes in next week, in the meantime I've just started to download it, and at 56 Kbps those 45 MB will take about 3 hours. Oh well. I'll do something else in the meantime. The plan is to release a public beta by the end of next week. Lots of things to do!

And, another thing: Matthew Walker sent a shell script to run cactus on Mac OS X using the extensions defined by Apple, so that it can integrate better with the OS (e.g., the menu appears on the top OS menubar, rather than on the frame). He also sent links to a couple of screenshots showing the effect of the change: before and after. Very cool. Thanks Matthew!

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Posted by diego on May 2 2003 at 9:46 PM

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