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Jon Udell talks about his first experience with SpiderPhone, a nice tool that integrates phone calls into your PC environment. I've always thought that eventually clevercactus would have to do something like this in some form (following the rule of "if it's something that has to do with communication, you should be able to track it, correlate it, organize it, etc). Although the procedure to link the web-app and the phone call is a bit lopsided (as Jon describes it), at the moment there's little else that could be done. I remember when Microsoft came out with a phone of its own about 4 years ago (No link since I can't remember the product name, and looking for "microsoft phone" only brings up mobile-related stuff). Back then, I was hopeful that it would be the beginning of an integration that is long overdue, but it seems to have vanished without a trace. Good to see the idea lives on.

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Posted by diego on May 5 2003 at 5:11 PM

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