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blogging APIs - the comments

There's a cool discussion happening on the comments section of my review of Blogging APIs. It sparked quite a lot of interest, and there's excellent feedback from most of the major weblog tool creators, either in-entry comments and from links, from Dave, Anil, Jason, and other notables, such as Marc and Sam. It even hit the top-50 at blogdex! Very cool.

I am now working on a follow-up, which, aside from incorporating new stuff from the comments (for example, Jason pointed to a live link of the Blogger API 2.0), will also include a mini-how to for using the APIs-- as I've said in one of the comments, while the specs are complete it's difficult to get started without "live" examples. Sam proposed a good idea: come up with a "test case" and show how it would be done on each of the APIs. It should be up later today.

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Posted by diego on May 5 2003 at 7:40 PM

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