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metaweblog gets updated

Wow, that was fast! Dave commented again yesterday on my review of weblog APIs here and here (echoed by Karlin here). Thanks! And early today he "formally" released on Scripting News an update to the metaweblog API, with the methods that it was depending on from blogger, and he's now asking for feedback. This is good, since now all the APIs will be complete on their own. I was wondering yesterday if, maybe (just maybe), there hadn't been a lot of movement towards a unified API because the Blogger API and the Metaweblog API worked in tandem in most blogging tools. So (again, maybe) now that all the APIs will be complete (even the MovableType API has a set of methods that stand on their own) people can "sit down" and say, "okay, this is our functionality, the method names differ almost (note the almost) only by name, now let's choose a name that we can all live with!" So here's hoping. :)

Later:Update on the new Blogger API. I wanted to update my comments on 2.0 now that Jason posted (in the comments to my review) a link to the new API. First, Ben's concern from last December that the method names were the same as in 1.0 has been addressed, the methods now begin with "blogger2". The "login structure" looks interesting, particularly that "token" parameter that will be used "with the* module". I would imagine it's a one-way MD5 hash of some sort, either generated on the client or returned on first login, something akin to the APOP login method for POP3. Security is important, so it will be good. The idea of putting the login info in a struct makes sense, as it makes it easier to extend while maintaining backward compatibility. The structure for posts now allows to set categories (which can be managed from the API as well) and titles. Still no API for comments though, which would be good if it was there, or to upload binary/media objects which is important IMO. Once again: the more I read it, the more I wish that we everyone agree on naming and how to pass what are essentially the same parameters. The APIs are going to be really close once Blogger 2.0 is released.

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Posted by diego on May 7 2003 at 3:21 PM

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