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the future of handspring: "communicators"


Here's an interesting interview with Jeff Hawkins, creator of the PalmPilot, co-founder of Palm, and then Handspring. He explains the difficult transition Handspring is going through in moving from "simple" handheld organizers to "communicators" (ie., devices that integrate phones and organizers) and why he thinks there's no other option.

While sometimes the idea of "synergy" is overrated (tending to create bloatware) in the case of something that integrates the functions of an organizer and a mobile phone it's a no brainer. Handspring is right to make the move. If they don't, phones like the Nokia 3650 (talked about at length in Mobitopia) and the SonyEricsson P800 will run over them like a freight train. A good read.

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Posted by diego on May 8 2003 at 12:20 AM

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