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syncml and palm

Still in a rueful mood regarding the problems with Palm and its Java conduit SDK, suddenly I thought: wait a minute, what about SyncML? If that worked, there would only be need for a SyncML implementation, which would then work across Symbian, Palm, and maybe even (gasp!) PocketPC.

A quick search for SyncML and Palm turns up this old press release which identified Palm as being one of the founders of the SyncML initiative. While it doesn't seem that Palm has an SDK to support SyncML (searching for SyncML-related stuff at Palm's developers site turns up nothing of use except press releases), there are some indications that this should work. For example, this article from IBM DeveloperWorks that talks about SyncML device management talks about a reference implementation SDK that runs on Windows, Palm, and Linux. And maybe using Palm's Bluetooth SDK would help. Maybe, just maybe...

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Posted by diego on May 8 2003 at 6:47 PM

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