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more metaweblog methods proposed

[via Dave]: Rogers Cadenhead proposes several changes to the MetaWeblog API. But...

I have read the document at least five times now, and I still don't understand. For example, Rogers includes methods that already exist in his proposal such as metaWeblog.newMediaObject or metaWeblog.getCategories. Why propose something that already exists? The metaWeblog.deregisterUser sounds strange: bloggers, especially new bloggers, who would be the main target of any tool that uses the API, will typically have one weblog. So what would be the use-scenario for this function? If there's no use scenario, then why include it? The same happens with the "deleteMultipleFiles" method. How would you delete files if there's no way of listing them? Maybe you'd assume that you can only delete what you have created from the client, but what if you are using the same tool from two different machines? And what's the use-case for this? Strange.

As far as changes to the metaWeblogAPI, I've been thinking about anything that I'd like to see, and a method like MovableType's mt.setPostCategories would be nice. The spec for the method, can be found in MT's Programmatic Interface documentation. If MetaWeblog included the method name as-is, it would be great, similar to what MovableType does in implementing MetaWeblog. Otherwise it could just be called metaWeblog.setPostCategories and maintain the rest of the interface, so that only the method name differs between call to systems.

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Posted by diego on May 9 2003 at 10:37 AM

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