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You know, I had a feeling it would happen like this. Today I was thinking: "I'll probably get the DSL up when I don't really need it that much anymore." By which I meant, when I get the clevercactus weblog sync working, when one of the main reasons to be online for a while disappears, there I would get DSL. (I might write later about my experience with the DSL sales dept if I have time).

So I get the config working, Blogger, Radio, MT, the whole deal, and what do you know, I get a call while I was on a break preparing dinner. From the phone exchange (yeah, the technician actually called me from there, THAT's how much I had been talking to Eircom. I had ordered DSL on April 11). Your DSL is connected, he says. I look at the modem, and see that LED that had been dead for so many days, and it is blinking a healthy green.

I couldn't believe it.

I hung up (after some pleasantries like "you don't know if you're using standard LLC on the line, do you? No, he said. Okay, I said) and sat down to make it work. Screw dinner. The modem settings were all wrong since at the beginning I thought that the problem was there. I needed new settings. I called tech support (0.74 Euro/min, 6 min call). After the usual routine in which you are treated as little more than a monkey pounding on the keyboard (being asked questions like "Is the light on? Is the ethernet cable connected?" and I'm like, "yeah, yeah, I'm telnetting into the modem right now, looking at the status!") I got him to tell me the config they require for their setup (but he gave it to me only after the stern warning "You know, after you change the configuration yourself we can't support you"--I wonder if you never touch the configuration HOW do they give support). Anyway. He gave it to me. Fired it up.


And so, now I'm connected at 512 Kbps downstream, 128 Kbps upstream. 52 Kbps downloads!!

It feels strange. I last had DSL almost two years ago when I was living in California. What am I suppossed to do with all this bandwidth now? Luckily, Eircom has already planned for that: transfer is limited to 4GB per month, so it's not really, really, full-access, always-on broadband. But it's definitely a step up from the super-expensive 56 Kbps cage I was on before.

Anyway, this will really help for all the stuff I have to do for next week's release of clevercactus.

And I'll just have to learn all over again to stop myself from selecting "disconnect" everytime I finish doing something online... :-)

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Posted by diego on May 9 2003 at 8:59 PM

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