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clevercactus lives!

isologosmall.gif The clevercactus public beta has been released, three weeks after the original internal beta release--along with the website and the formal announcement of the company and Paul Kenny's role as a co-founder. I've been working with Paul for the past several months; he's a great guy, and with tons of experience with technology startups.

It's definitely been a ride so far, fulfilling in more than one sense, not least because of all the great people I've met, that have helped along the way, and all I've learned. It was six months ago, almost exactly to the day, that I released the first public alpha of spaces. It feels like six days! Back then I said "this is just the beginning". Boy, was I right on that one. :-)

I'll be posting more information over the coming days--things are about to get even more interesting. And it's still just the beginning!

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Posted by diego on May 16 2003 at 12:18 PM

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