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Russ gets interviewed for another Wired article --congrats!-- and then posts the interview in an interesting exercise of "media on media" with some good comments. I don't agree with some of what Russ says regarding ways to "fix" the Google-weblogs relationship . Google indexes billions of pages. What might appear to be an obvious fix --e.g. "look at which part of the web is changing constantly and then change the algorithm appropriately"-- is likely not easy to do at all when dealing with Google's scale. Detecting weblogs is IMO much harder than it sounds--there are many parts of the web that aren't weblogs, that are "deep-linked", and that get updated often, say, for example, review/comments sites, little known news sites and so on. Marking servers manually as "to be ignored" is clearly not an option. And an automatic option, even with a 1% "failure detection rate" still means that they would be unfairly tagging millions of pages--and invite a flood of complaints. I do agree with Russ in that it's very likely Google will go after using weblogs for improve or modify search in some way; after all that's one of the reasons they have publicized for purchasing Blogger earlier this year!

Btw, Isn't it cool that we can have so much fun with this rumor mill? :)

In other news: Karlin talks about this BBC scoop on the possibility that the media-ballyhooed rescue of private Lynch in Iraq was staged (and here is a Salong article about it). Wow. I wonder, if this is true, how does it happen? Does some Colonel somewhere say "Sergeant, get a media event organized for this rescue", "Sir, yes sir!". Are the soldiers blind enough that they can go around following orders like that with no problems, then even receiving commendations and so on for a fight that didn't happen? I'd bet it doesn't feel too good. Weird anyway. I'll be interested in seeing what happens with this...

Posted by diego on May 16 2003 at 8:48 PM

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