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browsers galore

I switched to Mozilla in August last year and never looked back. (Although--rarely-- I have to see IE to look at some site that doesn't behave properly in Mozilla). Between the tabbed browsing and the ability to control what JavaScript does in your machine, using Mozilla is a no-brainer. It is just better. I've recently tried out Opera 7.x and Mozilla Firebird as well. Opera is very good, but there are a few things that are a problem. For one, its management of tabs feels a bit strange (at least to me, being used to the Mozilla way) but more importantly it has serious issues when doing scaling on an HTML page (changing the text size I mean). Both Mozilla and Firebird work perfectly for that, but Opera seems to keep the some of the original CSS settings and the letters overlap each other, making the text unreadable and the feature unusable. Too bad.

Firebird, on the other hand, is great. It's what I'm using right now, it seems stable and lighter than mozilla, with a less-cluttered interface (although we'll see how long that lasts). And it's fast! XUL is very good apparently. Firebird seems like a good candidate to replace Mozilla at the moment.

I've also tried out IE on the Mac (nice, but a resource hog) and Safari, which I like quite a lot. Very simple and fast. The Mac I have is not fast enough to do work on it (except finish clevercactus builds--and believe me, I've tried). Not enough memory or speed. But Safari would probably be my choice if I was using the Mac all the time (maybe I'll give Firebird on the Mac a try later, even though Mac support for Firebird is preliminary).

Since IE won "the browser wars" there has been zero innovation, particularly in IE (for example, how come IE doesn't have tabs yet?). But that's too be expected I guess. It's great to see that things are still happening (and getting better) in the browser-world, even if it's at the edges.

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Posted by diego on May 21 2003 at 2:49 PM

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