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'push to talk' goes global

Mobitopia has article on the latest moves by Nextel in introducing a more "global" version of its popular "push-to-talk" feature:

Nextel Communications is exploring whether to offer a global version of its popular "push to talk" walkie-talkie feature for cell phones, as rivals work on their own U.S.-centric versions of the technology.
Now, if the call is suddenly being relayed through satellite or a cell, that would make it less of a direct connection between phones, no? It seems that Nextel is quietly moving into the territory of cellphone operators. In the end, hybrid systems like these are what will win in the marketplace IMO. If I can make a direct call to a person in another building around the corner, why shouldn't I? And then, when the receiver is out of direct reach, the infrastructure should be used. It's just common sense.

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Posted by diego on May 21 2003 at 5:00 PM

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