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more cc comments

Dan has been trying clevercactus as well as columba. He has some comments about the filtering capabilities (or lack thereof) in cactus--and he's right, there's little there except basic rule functionality and some of the automatic behaviors (for example, if you have a contact that matches an email the email will be automatically routed into that contact's space if no other rule matches). More filtering capabilities will follow in the next beta.

Ricardo has also posted some comments, particularly on the weblog sync feature. He notes that it doesn't yet sync back the current posts on the weblog (you have to subscribe for an RSS feed for that) and he's right. It's just that it takes a bit longer to clarify how to define what gets synched (it wouldn't be good to sync the entire blog if that's not what you want...) as well as coming up with a UI that lets the user deal uniformly with different weblog tools, which have different APIs and therefore will support different capabilities.

Thanks for the comments Dan and Ricardo!

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Posted by diego on May 25 2003 at 8:17 PM

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