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bluetooth on java

Russ posted a cool entry on thursday about bluetooth on Java, and the lack of OSS toolkits. What seems to be more worrying is that most of the toolkits the book he mentions pointed to are for Win32 devices, Linux, or Palm, but no mention of Symbian. I guess that to use Bluetooth from Java on the new Symbian mobiles you'd have to wrap it on JNI, but I don't think that's possible on Personal Java, or even J2ME. In any case, at this stage Java would probably be too high level for this kind of thing; I'd bet (no knowledge whatsoever of this, just speaking from past experience) that the blueetoth API for Java is going to miss some options that turn out to be important, and that won't be included until a next release (An example of this is the HttpURLConnection classes in*, which still don't let you do certain things, like supporting WEBDAV by simply modifying the method type on the call, just because the API refuses to accept anything it doesn't know about).

Posted by diego on May 31 2003 at 1:07 AM

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