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more bluetooth and java

Jamie has some good comments to my previous post on blueetooth and java:

I could just find that Symbian OS roadmap which showed that Symbian 8 will include the Java Bluetooth API (JSR-82). Oh, and you could you use JNI (Java Native Interface) from PersonalJava and access the Bluetooth API but C++ programming on Symbian is not an easy experience. It produces great stable applications for the user but headaches for the developer (from what I remember, there are macros surrounding everything and errors are produced if the application doesn't release 100% of it's memory on exit - no mem leaks). Good but tough.
So PersonalJava does support JNI. That's good (J2ME most probably doesn't, which limits the usefulness of this to PersonalJava devices, of the new Symbian mobiles I think the SonyEricsson P800 is the only one that supports it). Jaime also talks in more detail about similar concerns regarding how flexible the API is, another important factor that I was mentioning.

Posted by diego on June 1 2003 at 12:49 AM

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