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what does it take to destroy something good?

[via Erik]: David E. Kelley to produce next season of '24'. David E. Kelley is the producer of such shows as "Ally McBeal" and "Boston Public."

So, of course, the move is natural. From Ally McBeal to 24.

Say what?

Yes. Exactly. This has to be a joke.

What follows is a couple of quotes from the article. They don't contain spoilers that I can see (I have seen Season 2 up to about 7 episodes from the end I think), but be warned nevertheless.


[..] Kelly [sic] revealed some changes he has already considered for the program as well as some other eye-raising decisions he has already made.

"A new agent for CTU will be Kim Bauer, played by Elisha Cuthbert. Kim's budding skills and obvious inheritance of her father's ability to maneuver difficult situations makes it a natural transition for the program and a realistic way to keep a much-loved character involved," Kelly said. "She killed Megan's abusive father. She escaped from Ira Gaines. She escaped from a police officer's car. All of these things qualify Kim for a promotion."

Kelly stressed that he was not ending the other characters' lives, with the possible exception of David Palmer, in order to allow them a chance to return in future seasons. He also provided other hints about where the show is headed.

"We will dive into the courtroom," Kelly said. "I figure it is time to look at how a high profile case is tried. The nation is aware that Sherry Palmer betrayed her husband. The way the trial will play out will obviously be interesting to the audience, especially since the death penalty is being requested."

He also hinted at an ominous villain's return.

"We haven't seen the last of Nina Meyers, either," Kelly stated. "This season we will find that she has been placed in the witness protection program as a cabaret singer in the Midwest. This has obvious ramifications when they need her as an immediate emergency witness for the trial."

WHAT?!? A courtroom drama? Kim Bauer an agent? Kim Bauer can barely make a move without requiring her diapers changed. At least bring Jeniffer Garner, from "Alias". And Nina in a cabaret? Musical numbers?


As I said, this has to be a joke. Considering that the article is to shoddily written that it incorrectly refers to David Kelley as David Kelly everywhere but in the title, it's a big possibility. If it's this is true, however, we can safely say that the adrenaline-pumping days of '24' are over.

Posted by diego on June 2 2003 at 6:36 PM

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