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bloggers meeting

Back from the dublin bloggers get-together, where I met David, Karlin, Tom, Diane and her husband, Antoin, Jamie, Damien and Deidre (I remember their URLs but I must have heard wrong, because they don't work :)) among others. We need a list of some sort, if you were there please drop a comment with your URL in this entry! (BTW, Bernie didn't make it).

Got there about ten to eight and had to leave around ten, and most were still there. One thing that was funny (or weird. Or scary. Depends on how you look at it) was that we could recognize each other in some cases by URL rather than by name. The exchange would go "Hi I'm so and so. Ah nice to meet you. And what's your URL? oh, it's such and such. Ah, yes, I read you!". Since [at least there's the illusion that] you already know the other person in part, the conversation moves much faster. Next time, we all need a way to exchange URLs reliable. Tags or cards would do, but a high-tech solution would be better. :)

And if only seating arrangements were as flexible as a chain of links to maintain a live conversation... :-)

PS: thanks to Karlin for organizing it! I was great fun. Hopefully we can make it something more regular, say, once a month...

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Posted by diego on June 3 2003 at 11:36 PM

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