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donnie darko

Yesterday (or early today, to be more precise) I watched Donnie Darko. Overall: Wow (Here is the Salon review, with which I agree in all counts). It's an excellent, excellent movie, that evokes a few other movies in how it treats its characters, not as cardboard cuts or stereotypes, but as real people (even though the movie is basically slightly surrealist science fiction, which puts a strain on the "real people" part). The main other movie it evokes is Rushmore and parts of the excellent Election (although election is much more cynical in its satire). Elements of classics such as Fight Club or American Beauty (in the sense of honest looks at US society, "growing up" and so on) abound. And it centers around one of my favorite subjects, time travel. In all, really well done. For me, an instant classic.

Posted by diego on June 7 2003 at 2:50 PM

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