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clevercactus versioning information

There were a couple of comments by Greg and Dan to last week's entry on cactus' html editing (thanks!). Dan in particular raised a good point that I want to clarify. Dan said:

I keep checking the clevercactus website for an update. But, the beta page doesn't mention anything about versioning. Is there a good place to go to check for future versions, or can I just assume you'll blog about any updates?
For the moment, yes, I'll post information about cactus releases on this weblog (under the spaces category, which has its own feed to which you can subscribe, links on the right navbar of the page as well--I know I've got to change the name of the category but I didn't want to deal with the URL redirection config just yet). Another option is to subscribe to one (or both) of the clevercactus mailing lists, clevercactus-info in particular is for announcements only.

That said, with the next beta we'll start a clevercactus-only weblog that will be used for announcements and other things. As always, if there are comments or other ideas for improving this, I'm all "ears". :-)

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Posted by diego on June 17 2003 at 3:23 PM

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