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politics, media... and war

A fascinating (and scary) summary and analysis from Salon's Jake Tapper of how the rethoric of politicians in the US shifted as the Iraq war drew closer. I say "fascinating" in how the media and the power of institutions is "managed" to adjust the public's reaction; in its end result it is, of course, worrying, if not really new. One conclusion: decentralized media (of which weblogs are the tip of the iceberg) will have to thrive to counterbalance these forces, since "big media" is out of the game of "objectivity" at this point. And it's not just about those dreaded "special interests" controlling media; another big factor is that these days it's easier to form feedback loops between content consumers and providers, and so the focus of mainstream media is following the fickle interests of the mob (note: the mob, not the individuals that compose it). Individuals want depth and objectivity, and if necessary complexity. The mob prefers shallow, subjective, easy-to-understand soundbites. Weblogs are the best tools of individuality at the moment, but they're just a start.

Categories: geopolitics
Posted by diego on June 20 2003 at 8:08 PM

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