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echo or pie?

The Wiki for the "conceptual model of a log entry" that Sam Ruby started a few days ago (as I was mentioning here) has been gathering speed. After reading through most of the material I started contributing some of my thoughts today (after all, this is exactly what I wanted).

Here's an article by Tim Bray in which he talks about the effort, why it's needed, and where he'd like it to go. Another interesting piece of information in it is that Sam told him that he'd gotten permission from IBM to work on it full time, which is great news.

And, both Six Apart and Blogger support the effort.

Sam has said that he'll be discussing one topic a day on his weblog in detail. Current topic is linkage.

Finally, the name: there's an ongoing poll in the wiki. The options for the moment are Pie, and Echo. I like Echo better, plus eventually we can use something like "EchoFeed" for, well, feeds, "EchoAPI" for the API, and so on. (Echo is for now just the name of the project, nothing else).

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Posted by diego on June 25 2003 at 8:34 AM

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