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apple and microsoft

This Businessweek article on Apple's future as measured by MS's commitment to keeping Office for the Mac alive. I think this is a non-issue: Apple already has Safari, and the presentation software they announced a few months ago. You've got OpenOffice for the mac an other alternatives, and, hey, clevercactus runs on OS/X too. :) Office vanishing from the Mac would be a blow, but not the killer blow that the article makes it out to be. The Web (including weblogs) and messaging of all kinds are becoming more important than office apps. And then Apple is recreating itself as a "digital lifestyle" company....

Then, another take on what was mentioned in the Google/Microsoft article that I pointed to yesterday, this article from Fortune by someone who is completely unimpressed by the idea of Longhorn. It depends, really. If Longhorn is well done, a certain inflection point could be passed, and the computer will suddenly look very different. Whether that is enough not to be "bored" (considering that we can already "see" that kind of information space on the web) is another matter. But the effect on Google, and all other search engines for that matter, shouldn't be underestimated.

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Posted by diego on June 26 2003 at 6:26 PM

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